Rooms • 和室

Japanese Style Rooms • 和室




Your room is your oasis! Each room awaits you with a pleasant view of the forest and the wonderful sound of the birds chirping, the river and nearby waterfall bubbling with energy. The rooms are Japanese style rooms and we have chosen special bedding that will allow you to have a deep sleep while covered with a comfortable down blanket. Located in each room is clean toilet , while just a short walk away is the traditional Japanese bath house. Some of the rooms have a small lounging area and other rooms are wheelchair friendly and located on the first floor, so please feel free to ask for a room that meets your needs.

In consideration of harmony with nature and people’s health, smoking in the building is not permitted. (Smoking is allowed in front of the entrance.)

Amenities • アメニティー

  • バス&ハンドタオル(グルーブ利用の場合には含まれません。)
  • 歯ブラシセット(フロントにて購入可)
  • 加湿器(ご利用の際はフロントにお申し付け下さい。)
  • Bath & Hand Towels (not included for groups)
  • Tooth brush (Available at front desk)
  • Humidifier (Available at front desk)